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Exploring the great outdoors is nothing short of amazing especially if you’re living in an ultra-busy metropolitan. A breath of fresh air can cure your city blues away leaving you stress-free and feeling refreshed. So grab your hiking boots and read through the top 4 best hiking trails in Europe so you can be inspired.


Topping our list of best hiking trails in Europe is Tour Du Mont Blanc, it is at the same time, one of the biggest trail which passes through Italy, France and Switzerland. Difficulty level is from moderate to difficult so being fit is a definite plus points if you want to do this 170km hike, composing of 11 day hike tour. You will be served with the finest views this region could give and if you want to laze around on a specific spot, there are plenty of accommodations along the way.


Who said you only can hike over mountain ridges and just see beautiful landscapes after landscapes? If you want something fresh and salty, try this famous hike in Italy where in you pass by 5 UNESCO World Heritage Italian towns. The mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean Sea is such a welcome sight after a long day of hiking. These charming towns are worth some visit, too, since they won’t be under UNESCO list if they are otherwise.


Want to experience what it feels like to hike the Northern tip of the world? Try this challenging trail in Norway and see the beauty of the Arctic firsthand. Somewhere along the way you will get the chance to see where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Sea. Hiking during the winter might require some courage but it will also let you, not only hike, but ski and do other winter activities, as well. A true North experience!


As unique as its name, this hiking trail is dotted with a lot of unique landscapes and waterscapes that will really leave you in awe of what our planet has to offer. Its name is translated as “The Hot Spring Route” because of the hot springs you will encounter along the hike. It also has out of this world views like ice caves, black arctic deserts, volcanoes, lava fields and colorful mountain